We are thrilled to be able to finally share our new logo and website as Sweet Water Outreach expands into social media! The Sweet Water Outreach family has been hard at work building awareness and  seeking sustainable solutions for the water problems in Africa. Our partners have been so good to us and now we are able to give back. With our Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts it will now be easy for you to stay informed and get involved.




::For those of you who may not be familiar with Sweet Water Outreach’s work::

Sweet Water Outreach is a grassroots organization committed to finding sustainable solutions to unsafe water in undeveloped countries. One of the major myths told in the Western developed world, is that the people living without clean water become immune to the affects, that things like bad water, do not affect them the way they affect us. The reality is that eighty percent of all sickness in the world is attributable to unsafe water and sanitation. These people are simply used to being sick, they live everyday with stomach problems, unable to rehydrate themselves when they get diseases like malaria, and are accustomed to waiting for someone they love to get a deadly water born disease, like Typhoid.

Sweet Water Outreach has chosen a grassroots approach; we are a kitchen table organization. Not just our kitchen table, which is where Sweet Water was born, but also the kitchen tables of the community. Our goal is to become a part of the community, producing a project that the people will take ownership of, a project they are willing to protect and maintain. It is important for clean water to become a part of the education system and with the support of the local community and the international community (you) to be successful in creating a new local mindset about water, and also to be a part of creating access to clean water. Allowing community education to be the forerunner to our construction and installation projects, we hope to create a sustainable project that will continue to grow long after Sweetwater’s work is finished.




Please enjoy our site and other social media accounts.

We are looking forward to sharing with you!


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