UPCOMING : Africa Trip


The count down has officially begun for John’s next trip to Africa! He leaves in twelve days for Kenya and Tanzania. He will, again, be primarily working in Tabaka, Kenya and will be traveling with a good friend of Sweet Water’s, Austin Wouters. Together they are hoping to begin some well repair in that area.

As always, we are continually amazed to see how God provides what is needed for each trip and are confidant that Hw will continue to provide so that we can continue and expand our work.


John Blevins working in Tabaka, Kenya, installing a filtration system for a local church.



5 Comments on “UPCOMING : Africa Trip”

    1. maggie blevins Post author

      David- Thank you so much. We are currently working on growing our support, here in America, so that we can continue to build up our work in Africa. I would be happy to discuss some ways that you can get involved, please feel free to text or email me. -Maggie

  1. Elder Kezala Ngoma

    We thank the Lord that our friends in Tanzania will be benefiting fro m the provisions of the Lord to reduce the risk of losing lives the way our beloved grand doubter to elder Kenny

  2. Ven kemei jairus

    I wish to express my sincere gratitude for what you are doing in Kenya particularly give water to people. I learned about this through you website and I was so interest if we can partnership together. I am ven kemei jairus serving with Anglican church of kenya diocese of Eldoret and currently serving in Kapkoimur Archdeaconry as the principal Assistant to the Bishop. my area of operation covers a try place in western part with good network of rivers but not reaching household. please i request for your partnership.
    yours faithfully

    1. maggie blevins Post author

      Ven. Jairus Kemei- We appreciate your gratitude. We are working diligently along with local Kenyans to bring sustainable water solutions to Kenya. If you will send us an email, We would like to hear more about where you are located and if we can work together.

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