Lars School Project

Here is an update from our African Travelers.

While in Tanzania, we made a 9.5 hour drive to Ifakara, Tanzania where we met up with the principal from a school that had contacted us. The roads, going out to the school, were very rough and with a hard jolt, it actually broke the engine mount by shearing the metal off, fortunately everyone was safe and unharmed.

Once we arrived Austin realized that he had raised money for beds, a roof, and bed nets for the children of this school back in 2010 and had never gotten to visit the school. We discussed for a long time about their water sources and quickly realized that their science teacher would be very apt to take on this task, seeing as he understood the entire process happening within the chlorine generator. We set up two tanks that were 1000 liters each (250 gallons). (treat one for tomorrow, drink the one that was treated yesterday.) It will provide more than enough water for over 400 children and staff members.

We are now in Kisii, Kenya and are meeting with the SWO committee here to see which wells they want us to look at, repair, and chlorinate for safe drinking water. Austin is happy because he loves the coconuts here and has already had two.



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