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Sweetwater Medical and Water Mission 2017

We set out on our first medical mission for Sweetwater Outreach on January 22nd, 2017 from Atlanta, Georgia.  We arrived in Nairobi, Kenya Monday night at 9:00 pm local time.  We had a brief problem with our medications getting through customs that caused us some stress, but the Lord was… Read more »

Africa Trip : January 2016

Sweet Water Outreach kicked off the new year with a fourteen day trip to Africa. The team, John Blevins, SWO’s founder and operations director, Bucky Kinsaul, the secretary-treasurer as well as fill in photographer, and Adam Kinsaul a nurse practitioner, travelled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Kisii, Kenya. Arriving… Read more »

Have SWO come speak!!!

As the summer comes to a close and we anticipate the return of our African travelers, SWO would like to reach out to anyone who may be interested in supporting our work. We are currently filling our autumn calendar and would like to hear from anyone interested in having John… Read more »

Tabaka Academy

While in Kenya, The Sweet Water team installed a chlorine generator at the Tabaka Academy, a private school located in the heart of the Tabaka Ward. These images were, wonderfully, sent to us by the family that runs the school.    

Well Repair

John and Austin are now moving into their third week in Kenya. They have repaired two wells and traveled yesterday to Nairobi to pick up Silas who will be joining them for two weeks. Below is their account of the Bonyagwanga Well repair.   On the 15th of July,  We… Read more »

Lars School Project

Here is an update from our African Travelers. While in Tanzania, we made a 9.5 hour drive to Ifakara, Tanzania where we met up with the principal from a school that had contacted us. The roads, going out to the school, were very rough and with a hard jolt, it actually broke… Read more »

UPCOMING : Africa Trip

  The count down has officially begun for John’s next trip to Africa! He leaves in twelve days for Kenya and Tanzania. He will, again, be primarily working in Tabaka, Kenya and will be traveling with a good friend of Sweet Water’s, Austin Wouters. Together they are hoping to begin… Read more »

Our Partners

We here at Sweet Water Outreach would be unable to continue our water work in Africa with out the help and support of our partners. BL Harbert and others have been great friends to us and on behalf of our African friends and ourselves, we want to share with you our… Read more »


::WELCOME TO SWEET WATER OUTREACH:: We are thrilled to be able to finally share our new logo and website as Sweet Water Outreach expands into social media! The Sweet Water Outreach family has been hard at work building awareness and  seeking sustainable solutions for the water problems in Africa. Our partners… Read more »