Masaai Mara Conservancy, Africa 1.6

      We left at 3am one morning and drove out to the Masaai Mara, a large animal reserve on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Coming into the Mara, we drove through a small village on a terrible dirt rode and started seeing zebras and giraffes roaming around with the domestic cows. Suddenly, up and over a hill, the landscape opened up and we could see a huge valley stretching far and away, finally disappearing into the morning fog. We spent the day, driving around, watching the wildebeests and zebras move across the landscape, the lions and cubs napping near to their early morning kills, and waiting for the hippopotomuses to appear above the waters edge.  The landscape in the Mara is stunning and vast and left fairly pure, and the animals wander back and forth from Tanzania to Kenya, as the seasons subtly change. This is Africa as America imagines it. 

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