Africa 1.4

Sunday morning. Afternoon. (remember “african time”)we attended Kiorina Primitive Baptist Church. We are starting to master singing in Swahili, or at least we can mumble the tune attached to some generic syllables, and we actually, Sort of, managed some harmony for a few of the more common melodies.

Kiorina Church meets in a very small building, but put up a tent in anticipation of a larger crowd. It was very pleasant.

In the African churches, they request all of the visitors to stand up and introduce themselves, which is terribly awkward and very kind. After church we stood up with Daddy as he explained, again, the goals of Sweetwater Outreach in Kenya.  Last week, Phoebe and I gave a short version of our health and hygiene talk, and when we sat down this week with out saying anything, they begged for us to come back and go through the 10 step hand washing process.

After Church they prepared for us a wonderful African meal of rice, beans, chapatti, and boiled bananas (which taste a lot like potatoes). The children eat bread and hot coca-colas and are thrilled.






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