Africa 1.2

 Last weekend we had a wonderful visit at Charles’ home and met his family. Charles lives on a piece of his family land in Tabaka, surrounding by his corn fields.  In addition to six of his seven children there were at least fifteen small children waiting to meet us, leaving Phoebe frazzled and a little scared.  From the moment we arrived the children fought to hold our hands, touch our skin and hair, and sit in our laps, all except the baby who cried his eyes out if we got to close. Charles’ wife Josephine, who doesn’t speak any english, was thrilled for us to be in her home and made us a wonderful meal of rice and beans and chapati. Rice and beans are a store bought food and therefore a very special treat. In addition to the meal they also brought in hot coca-colas which are an absolute luxury.

^^^ This is Duke and Anastasia. Duke and Anastasia fought over my lap every time I sat down even though I was happy to hold them both. They smiled and laughed and played a yes-no game with me, which consisted simply of me saying yes or no and them repeating with a lot of enthusiasm. Eventually Anastasia got tired of sharing and leaping off my lap grabbed one of Duke’s sandals and took off across the yard. Of course. As any little boy would. Duke took off after her. As he was catching up she threw the shoe as far as she could and then waiting until he had gone after it, she looped around the back of the chairs and climbed, victorious, back into my lap, holding my hands together around her waist. Needless to say Duke didn’t let this go without a fight and the second time she stole his shoe he had his revenge on his return from retrieving it.

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