Africa 1.15

        In Dar es Salaam, we installed a chlorine generator at an Assembly of God church in the city. A ministry started in Birmingham, Alabama is working out of this church to minister to the villages outside of the city. Like Sweetwater, they are a young organization, not associated specifically with any one particular denomination. Working out of Dar, their goals are to address the physical and then the spiritual needs in the Tanzanian villages. Through a doctor in Birmingham, we made contact with Joel and Hilda Rugano, a local Tanzanian couple who lived in Birmingham for almost fifteen years and have now returned to Dar to start the Vision of Ministries Foundation. Their goal is to use this initial chlorine generator as a demonstration area, and then to send people out into the villages to install more. We spent our last week in Dar working on the chlorine generator for this ministry. In addition to the physical installation, we spent extra time allowing the group to learn how it works and to actually do the installation themselves. We enjoyed our time spent with this group; they are energetic about their work and very much welcomed us into their family.
^^^ The plumber crawling out of the water tank.
^^^ Installing the water tanks onto the concrete pad. They built the pad completely by hand, mixing the concrete by hand, and had the entire thing completed over night.


^^^ Daddy going through the generator manual and taking inventory of the supplies.
 ^^^ The Chlorine Generator, built by the Water Step Organization.



 ^^^ Final installation
 ^^^ Testing the chlorine



^^^ Phoebe and I also spent some time giving demonstrations on how to dilute bleach into a mother solution of chlorine to use to kill bacteria in water. A chlorine mother solution continues to be the easiest, surest, cheapest way for people to clean their water.



 ^^^ The chlorine generator was successfully installed and everyone tried the clean african water!

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