Africa 1.12

 One of the water projects Sweetwater scheduled for this trip was to have a well dug and install two filtrations systems. Hand dug wells are very common in Kisii, however since they only run about 50ish feet deep, the water is still contaminated with bacteria. For our purposes a well allows closer access to water so that they are able to filter several hundred liters a day in the filtration system.
This week we finished the system that was started last year to go into Martin’s church in Nyachenga and a well was dug in Kiorina at Charles’s church where we built the second filtration system. Ideally these congregations will be able to filter clean water for their families and begin ministering to their communities.

^Nyachenge, filtration system Installation
^This is the guy, who dug the well. He climbed 50ft into the well using only that rope and some indentions he put into the walls of the well. It is unbelievable.
^Kiorina Installation.

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