Kisii, Kenya, Africa 1.1

 Last week was busy and productive, starting off with a trip to Lake Victoria, which was beautiful. There we had a short ride in a funny wooden boat out onto the water. We had a meeting with a group of local young adults, who are striving to create reform and transformation in their community; they are very excited to work with us and will hopefully be a good asset. Already this week they have been attending some of our meetings and helping translate and communicate our goals. 






We visited Elder Charles’ Church and met Antonio, one of his members who is very active and organizes multiple projects for the women to help create income. This week, work has begun on a hand dug well near this church and we plan to set up a filtration system when it is complete.

      We have had several other meetings including a meeting with the Head of natural Resources in Kisii and we visited the University of Kisii and had lunch with Dr. John Akama, the Vice Chancellor and several of his colleagues. After lunch we visited the campus and had a tour of their water projects. 

       Yesterday, we visited one of the local primary schools and gave our first talk to the students on clean water and hygiene. All went very well, although apparently everything Phoebe and I say is hilarious.


We have found several simple water plants with pumps, and have been very frustrated at the lack of attention and care these systems get. We have yet to test one that produces clean water or even runs full time.



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